Unexpected Heart Attack Trigger

Fatty foods and lack of exercise can be a risk factor for heart attack. But other than that, there are some unexpected things that can trigger a heart attack.
Scientists found some very surprising causes can trigger a heart attack. These triggers may not be realized by a person, although they met with these things every day.
Here is a trigger unexpected heart attack.
Canned food
Hazardous chemical compounds that are found in canned food is bisphenol A (BPA), which can disrupt hormones and is linked to breast cancer, obesity and infertility. Now the compound is also suspected to be associated with heart disease.
Study found small doses of BPA can cause cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) are dangerous and can cause sudden cardiac death. For that limit consumption of canned food and better choose fresh or frozen foods.
Traffic jam
Scientists find link between air pollution, traffic congestion and the risk of heart attack. People who are stuck in a traffic jam had a 3.2 times higher risk of heart attack.
Avoid a traffic jam, close window when on the road or use a mask while on the road to reduce exposure to air pollution.
Antibacterial Soap
Triclosan found in antibacterial soaps and toothpaste are known to be bad for health. One of them increase the risk of heart disease, it’s because a new study found these substances can damage the heart and muscle tissue.
Non-stick cookware
Previous studies found a non-stick chemical is associated with infertility, high cholesterol and ADHD. But new study found a link between the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and heart disease.
For that, when using cookware, it could not hurt to replace to uncoated stainless steel.

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