Vitamins to Avoid When Sick

Vitamins can be used to enhance the vitality and endurance. Vitamins may even be consumed without any side effects. Vitamins are important for maintaining health and body function. When sick people too look for vitamins in order to improve immunity and keep fit. But, certain vitamins can worsen illnesses and there are some conditions in which the vitamin can be dangerous.

For diabetics, vitamin B3 is dangerous because it can raise cholesterol levels, the risk of heart and blood vessel disease. Vitamin B3 helps the body’s metabolism and is important for energy production. But on the other hand, high doses of vitamin B3 can increase blood sugar levels.

Vitamin A and phosphorus should be avoided by patients with osteoporosis. Vitamin A is important for maintaining healthy skin, bone tissue, teeth and produce pigment in the retina. However, high doses of vitamin A can lower bone density. High levels of phosphorus can also be make the bones loses its calcium.

Heart Disease
If you suffer from heart complications, avoid vitamin E and potassium. A study conducted for 7 years found that high doses of vitamin E may increase the risk of heart failure. In addition, high doses of potassium can cause irregular heartbeat and heart palpitations.

Prostate Cancer
Calcium should be avoided by those who develop prostate cancer. Hormone therapy treat prostate cancer serves to stop the body producing testosterone. As a result, bones become weak and increase the risk of fractures.
Although calcium is important for bone health, but consuming too much calcium during hormonal therapy can actually impair the ability of vitamin D to absorb calcium.

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