Smooth And Wrinkle Free Hands

Do not ignore the condition of the hands skin. Wrinkles that appear can make us look very old.
Many people only pay attention to the condition of the face when young and only when they entered their 40’s, that they began looking for a solution to keep skin firm and as much as possible to slow the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines.
However, what about the hands and other parts of the body? Signs of aging will also appear here. And what would happen if we had a beautiful face but full of wrinkles on the hands? That is why we need to take care of early.
Basically, fine lines begin to appear above the age of 40. Although in some people it can appear more quickly, some more slowly. The factors that accelerate the aging process are exposure to sunlight, the body malnourished and presence of certain diseases such as diabetes mellitus.
If wrinkles are already emerging, it is recommended to use creams that are anti aging. Cream worth trying are creams containing ingredients tretinoin, alpha hydroxy acids, and hyaluronic acid. Of course, the use of this cream should be combined with the use of sunscreen because the sun accelerates the aging process of the skin.
When the wrinkles on the hand are in severe conditions, the solution is to do filler method. This method will fill the dermis layer of the skin with certain materials (hyaluronic acids, calcium hydroxyapatit, and fat) so that the fine lines and wrinkles will disappear. Filler also provide stimulus to the formation of the normal connective tissue such as skin, elastin and collagen.
However, if you can, why not prevent it in the first place? Use moisturizer regularly and use sunscreen when needed to get silky smooth skin without wrinkles in the future.

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