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Start Living Organic

Nutrition solutions to get healthier Currently healthy living is being realized by the world community. Choosing quality foods and regular exercise for health have been started everywhere. But unfortunately, only that know that the food we eat everyday are no less at risk of containing chemicals. It is true that we should eat vegetables and […]

Which Is More Rewarding: Diet Or Exercise?

New Perspective In Effort to Lose Weight You do not need to force yourself to get in the perfect fat-free body shape with diet. Why is this? Because even if you are successful in loosing lose weight by diet, your body will not burn fat more easily because of it. To increase the activity of […]

Silken Tofu Helps Prevent Anemia

Improve the family’s health status by adding silken tofu on the menu. Looking for variations for cooking healthy dishes for the family today? Nothing wrong if you try silken tofu. The texture and taste of this food is soft making it a healthy food that can be easily processed by the digestive system and into […]

White Button Mushrooms, Helps In Preventing Cancer

Not only delicious to eat, mushrooms are also capable of enhancing immunity plus cut off excess calories. Although it does not have an attractive color, but the petite is capable of delivering stunning reputation in the eyes of the dietitian. The researchers found white button mushrooms was able to fend off all the viruses and […]

What The Relationship Between Facebook And Self Image?

Active Facebook users have a negative self image. What ? Spending time sitting for hours surfing Facebook is not only bad for productivity but also have a negative impact on our psychological health. If we are active Facebook users beware. New research announced 51% people this group becomes more aware of the shape of their […]

Friends At Work Will Increase Productivity

With no friends in the workplace can lower the effectiveness of our work. Having a friend that you who can talk to is fun. Similarly at the office or workplace will make you comfortable and can really increase productivity. However, what happens when the situation happens is just the opposite? We will always feel alone […]

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