Industrial Pollution Are The Same As Malaria and Tuberculosis

Pollution from industrial still do not get priority. In fact, a new study found industrial pollution is just as dangerous as malaria and tuberculosis.
Research reveals industrial pollution put 125 million people worldwide at risk for dangerous health, especially in developing countries.
Major effort are required to reduce the number of people worldwide who are sick or dying due to work or live near a chemical plants or mines and other industries.
Resources and time devoted to addressing the burden of diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria but not given to places such as toxic industrial pollution.
The study examined more than 2,900 active or closed industry in 49 low-middle income countries. Then estimate the health impacts that arise from pollutants such as lead, mercury or chromium to the people who live around the site as well as workers.
Researchers analyzed data from existing studies in the field about the toxic industrial pollution and combined with census data and epidemiological studies to estimate the health problems that may occur.
The report data obtained in many cases are very limited. But small firms producing for the local market is likely to have major negative health effects.
From 49 countries representing about a third of the world’s population, estimated at more than 17 million healthy life lost due to pollutants caused by industry. This figure is greater than malaria is about 14 million, but lower than that of tuberculosis at 25 million.
In addition, this report also disclosed more easily diagnose and quantify people affected by HIV than to know the number of children whose brains are slowly hampered by chronic exposure to pollution industry.
Pollution generated from this industry may include air pollution, noise and water where waste from these factories pollute the environment.

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