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Nutrition solutions to get healthier
Currently healthy living is being realized by the world community. Choosing quality foods and regular exercise for health have been started everywhere. But unfortunately, only that know that the food we eat everyday are no less at risk of containing chemicals. It is true that we should eat vegetables and fruits for healthy living. But even that food also might be contaminated and contains chemicals.
The chemical here is a pesticide used by the manufacturer during the process of plant growth, in order to eradicate the insects and pests. But not to worry, there are safe ways to maintain a healthy life and that is to eat organic food.
When shopping for food, choose foods with the organic label. Organic fruit and vegetables means that they do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals during the process of growth. In addition to vegetables and fruits, meat is also very important for our bodies, as long as not too much. Choose also a natural meat product that contains no artificial hormones in it. Mad cow disease is a result of excessive use of supplemental protein in animal feed.
When you have children, especially a growing daughter.. Choose organic milk as the hormones contained in milk can trigger early puberty in girls and other health problems.
Organic living is not only just paying attention to what goes into our bodies, but also what we wear on the outside. For the women, beware of skin care products. Avoid products that contain synthetic chemicals to prevent various diseases such as allergies, rashes, acne and others.

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