What The Relationship Between Facebook And Self Image?

Active Facebook users have a negative self image. What ?
Spending time sitting for hours surfing Facebook is not only bad for productivity but also have a negative impact on our psychological health. If we are active Facebook users beware. New research announced 51% people this group becomes more aware of the shape of their body after seeing their pictures circulating on social networks.
Facebook makes people spend time and energy to criticize their own bodies and expect them to look like someone else. Especially in this era of modern technology, it’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid visual displays which then lead to negative body image, low self-esteem. This in turn contributes greatly to the eating disorder.
Research involving 600 Facebook users from an age range of 16-40 years. As many as 81% of them at least go to the site once a day. Results showed 44% of users expect to have the same body or weights with their friends while looking at pictures. Medium 32% admitted to feeling sad when comparing their photos with photos of his friends. In fact, 37% said the need to change some body parts when comparing photos with friends.
This discovery shows that the amount of time spent to pay attention to the photos that circulated on Facebook can cause users be obsessed with weight up to a dangerous level.
If people spend more time thinking about what went wrong with the body instead of just sitting and looking at the photos being angry they could already be on the positive nature to live a healthy and meaningful. This could impact on the willingness of people to get the ideal body weight in ways that is terrible. For instance a strict diet that does not pay attention to nutrition.
What about us? Change your ways using social networks with more socializing with those who had a positive way of thinking. Stop the habit of often comparing with others. Expand grateful for what we already have to get a much happier life.

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