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Relax Those Tired Eyes

Not Just Body Muscles that need it. Not just the head, feet, hands or backs that need relaxation, but the eye muscles can also be tense and tired. Conditions of the eye muscles also can also be aggravated if a person wears contact lenses most of the time. No need for expensive ways and method […]

Want To Be Fresh All Day? Wake Up More Morning

Most of us would know, wake up in the morning is good for health. But most of us are still struggling to get out of bed to welcome to morning sun. It is a classic story. And for this classic story, experts have prepared some simple step that can help. Do it slowly. Tomorrow morning, […]

Cigarette Smoke: Trigger Depression

man massage

Exposure to secondhand smoke can trigger stress and apparently not only cause a variety of physical ailments, such as asthma, heart disease, and lung cancer, but is also harmful to mental health. Researchers found that prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke can cause psychological distress and depression. Approximately 60% of people who do not smoke have […]

Right Choice, Healthy Body: Maintain Blood Pressure With Bread


Good news for health: if we choose the right bread, blood pressure will improve. A study examined several varieties of bread and its effect on blood pressure. The results are three types of bread have benefits that are good for the blood pressure, which is bread made from wheat, cereals, and other grain-based foods. In […]

Don’t Forget Pets Vaccinations!

Baby Cat

Cats and dogs perfect health protection. When we’ve decided to add a new “member” into the house that means we also have to be ready to be responsible for their health and safety. Showing love to our pets are just not enough by providing food and home. Show our affection by giving vaccination to maintain […]

Yoga: Save The Body From Fat Entrapment


In addition to a healthy eating program, the intention to lose weight should also be accompany with routine exercise as studies have  found there are some exercise and sports that makes us eat even more after. Unmitigated, the number could reach to up to 270 more calories. This amount could be more than half the […]

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