Cigarette Smoke: Trigger Depression

Exposure to secondhand smoke can trigger stress and apparently not only cause a variety of physical ailments, such as asthma, heart disease, and lung cancer, but is also harmful to mental health.

Researchers found that prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke can cause psychological distress and depression. Approximately 60% of people who do not smoke have shown biological signs that they are passive smokers. So that mental and physical health may continue to rise.

Studies have collected data to examine the effect of cigarette smoke on the mental health of more than 5,500 smokers and 2,600 nonsmokers active. In order to determine levels of exposure to tobacco smoke each individual, the researchers measured the level of nicotine in the saliva of volunteers. For the record, the beginning of the study all volunteers had no history of a psychological disease.

After six years, the researchers found 14.5% of volunteers experiencing psychological distress. Even worse, passive smokers had a higher a risk of psychological distress that are 50% greater than those who are not exposed at all. For both active and passive smokers, the risk is up to three times greater than those who are not exposed to cigarette smoke. The nicotine content in cigarettes is associated with increased in psychological problems. In fact, without realizing most people who are experiencing the pressures of life will more often find themselves in smoky environments.

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