Don’t Forget Pets Vaccinations!

Cats and dogs perfect health protection.

When we’ve decided to add a new “member” into the house that means we also have to be ready to be responsible for their health and safety. Showing love to our pets are just not enough by providing food and home. Show our affection by giving vaccination to maintain their health so that our pets can always be healthy and free of disease.

Actually, the basic vaccination should be given to dogs and cats since the first year of life. Then, to maintain pet immunity, several repeating vaccine are required until enough antibodies to protect the body. Ideally, the vaccine replicates are conducted one year after the first vaccination and continued repeatedly once a year.

The success of vaccination must be supported by 3 important factors, such as the condition of the animal, type of vaccine, and vaccination techniques. This protection is not just for our pets, but also to protect us and the family. Because there are animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans, known as zoonoses. For example, in dogs is rabies and leptospirosis, whereas rhinotracheitis in cats. In fact, rhinotracheitis classified as a disease that is very dangerous and can cause death.

Due to different types of diseases that plagued the two pets, the program and the type of vaccine can be varies and only the rabies vaccines are similar. Animal vaccination programs are usually adapted with the environmental conditions, the type of vaccine, and the age of our pets.
For example, parvovirus vaccine in dogs can be given from the age of 5 weeks. Vaccine distemper, parainfluenza and hepatitis begins 8 weeks of age. In cats, rhinotracheitis vaccine, kalivirus, panleukopenia, and clamydia given from the age of 12 weeks. While for rabies vaccine are given to cats and dogs from the age of 3 months.

Although vaccine cannot make our pets 100% free from the disease, but at least the risk will be much smaller than that do not do the vaccine at all. Increase our pet immunity with sufficient nutritious food, as well as freeing them from worms and lice problems.

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