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Happy New Year to all CCT (Cyber Corner Talk) readers. And what comes with a new year are new resolutions. So here are diet tips from worldwide that might help with diet resolution as diet are also influenced by culture and geography of where we live. That’s why we are very close to the habits of our health status.

Brazil: Mix rice with beans.
Rio de Janeiro is famous for its carnival event that is filled with delicacies. But have we ever asked why the women in Brazil are still able to maintain a beautiful body shape. Apparently the key is their traditional food is always mixing rice with beans. A study reveals, rice mixed with nuts was able to reduce the risk of being overweight by 14 percent. Nuts mixed rice will make a higher intake of fiber and low in fat that can stabilize sugar levels in our blood.

Thailand: The power of herbs.
Thai food is known for their spicy foods. Chili seasoning that is widely used in cooking they are able to contribute to our metabolism but actually spicy foods make us chew more slowly. It also makes the digestive system can send a clear signal when we feel full.

Poland: Eat more often at home.
Polish society only uses 5 percent of their money on food away from home. The goal is not only to save money but rather to keep the family warm.
For our bodies, eating habits at home will ensure that the food that enters the body is healthy. At least research proves, the high obesity rates are often the result of eating habits at fast-food restaurants.

Germany: Do not forget breakfast!
Believe it or not, but there are as many as 75 percent of Germans who never skip breakfast. Usually they will enjoy cereal or whole wheat bread with fresh fruit.
In a diet, breakfast is a opening day meal that can streamline the waist. Taking breakfast will help make us not overeat at lunch hour.

Netherlands: bicycle .
In the Netherlands, the bicycle is a means of transportation are loved by everyone. Imagine there are 18 million bicycles in circulation in the country’s windmills, but only 16.5 million inhabitants. For the Netherlands, to pedal as far as 871 km per year is not a troublesome activity. Because almost every day they ride a bicycle to wherever they go. So no wonder if the Dutch government even adjust the duration of the red light with the speed bike.

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