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Choose The Right Makeup And Save Old Age

Choosing a cosmetic ingredient to protect and repair skin damage. Today, makeup or cosmetics are not only created as camouflage. Now, cosmetic play a role as a protector to the risks, protecting it from skin damage and aging. According to dermatology experts now many consumers use a product for a variety of reasons and benefits. […]

Absorb Maximum Nutrients

Vitamins and minerals that are often forgotten. A study showed that most of us do not realize that our bodies sometimes cannot fully absorb maximum nutrients. Therefore here is how you can help supply vitamins and minerals and also nutrients that are important to the body but are often neglected by us. Vitamin D This […]

Shielding For Sensitive Teeth

Proper dental care for the vulnerable. Our teeth ache when consuming food or drink that is too hot, cold, and sweet? If so, that’s the sign of sensitive teeth. Uncomfortable? Definitely. Sensitive teeth is a condition of opening of dentin (the layer below the email) email or decrease due to the depletion of the gums. […]

Eating Bananas For Healthy Colon

Avoid Constipation and Colorectal Cancer What are the similarities that bananas have with corn, eggs, salmon, and spinach? A vitamin that is good for your colon! It is Vitamin B6. Study has shown that with adequate intake of vitamin B6 per day, you can avoid the risk of colon and rectal cancer. In a study […]

Drinking Lots of Water Cure Constipation?

Fiber is the most effective in freeing us from constipation. What springs to mind when you are constipated? We will definitely remember the advice to drink water as much as possible. Is this advice effective? Apparently not, because instead of expedite disposal, we just urinate more. The process of converting food into waste occurs in […]

Healthy Sleeping Habits

To achieve a productive day, one must get enough sleep. Here are some healthy sleeping habits that you can try to get enough sleep and at the same time reduce the risk of harmful various chronic diseases Sleep and wake up at the same time every day including holidays. Create a calming bedtime routine and make […]

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