Absorb Maximum Nutrients

Vitamins and minerals that are often forgotten. A study showed that most of us do not realize that our bodies sometimes cannot fully absorb maximum nutrients. Therefore here is how you can help supply vitamins and minerals and also nutrients that are important to the body but are often neglected by us.

Vitamin D
This is the most needed vitamins to strengthen our bones. The problem is, vitamin D is very difficult to be absorbed by the blood. Vitamin D is a nutrient that the body needs to suppress inflammation in the blood vessels. We need as many as 30 nanograms of vitamin D per military a day. So to meet the vitamin D sufficiency, are advised to take vitamin D supplements with a dose 1.400IU.

Magnesium deficiency will increase C-reactive protein which is a marker of heart problems. Without magnesium, the cells in the body struggled to pump energy. Fish is an example source of magnesium.

Vitamin B12
It is a vitamin that savior old days, as studies have proven, that elder who are deficient in vitamin B12 is quicker to experience brain damage. Quota of vitamin B12 that should be included in the body is 2.4 micrograms. To meet these quotas, lamb and salmon should help. But remember, vitamin B12 in meat will bond strongly with the protein and will trigger the production of acid in the body until the absorption becomes less. Another way is to eat a bowl of cereal complete with
fresh milk.

Potassium helps our cells to produce glucose for energy. This energy will help the heart because the body’s muscles contract. To prevent the deficiency of this mineral, we could consume avocados as there are as much as 500 mg of potassium in it. The suggested maximum amount per day is 4700 mg.

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