Eat Healthy For Better Sex Quality

Eating correctly will help keep sexual desire balance.

It turns out that sex desire is greatly influence by the kind of food that enters the body. Actually we don’t have to depend on drugs and medication to keep the sex flame burning but just the right kind of food.

One way to keep the desire and passion is using the eating balance method. This method will not only balance sex quality but also the keep the body healthy and strong.


Have a balance and healthy breakfast. This means, the breakfast menu must include protein and fiber. This kind of food takes longer to digest ensuring the supply of energy to the body is well taken care off. A supply of good energy will make a better mood throughout the day opening the chances of enjoying perfect moment with the partner later on.


Make sure the body gets enough supply of water. Enough water supplies will motivate the body and mind. Choose a lunch menu with a lot of water content and stay away from high-calorie foods. Keep nuts as a snack during the day. Fat is a manufacturer producing sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen. But that does not mean we are free to eat fat without rules, olive oil, fish and almonds are good sources of fat. This is our way to make the body produce hormones driving a healthy sexual desire.


Add chicken and fish into the menu. Because when the body lacks the protein, the brain will have difficulty producing dopamine, a hormone that makes us happy and romantic. In men, dopamine also helps the process of erection and ejaculation. The dose for women is 0.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Or the easy way is, weight divided by two. The results of this division which is the amount of protein we should eat in a day.


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