My Pet Is Depress

Not only human beings experience depression but apparently the animals can feel them too. They too can become lethargic, loss their appetite and become reluctant to play with us.

The tips below are three of the common symptoms of depression shown by pets and recommended cure by certified holistic veterinarians.

Check with pets
Signs of depression can be a sign that something is wrong with their body. For example, arthritis, cancer and even diabetes.

Take them to have fun
Perhaps, depressions in pets are because someone died or moved house. Try to fill this void. Bring them to the park to play or longer than usual. Set normal routines pattern, such as eating hour. Place the litter box in the same place. Wash as usual our furry friends with love. And if it turns out your pet is a horse it could not hurt to provide specifically accessories for horses. There are many accessories to choose for a horse like blankets, saddles, riddles, etc but only get them from reliable place like They have everything you need for your favorite horse and also of information on horse riding, great deals on equestrian riding apparel, and tips on horse care to keep your horse healthy and looking good.

Change their diet
Avoid giving them foods that contain artificial preservatives and additives. These materials will drain energy and the beginning of the depression. Provide fresh food, including fish, chicken, beef, and vegetables. All of these foods are the perfect source of nutrients It’s just important to remember to not give them food in excess. A fat cat is at high risk of diabetes. Being an obese dog are most likely to experience joint problems.

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