Shielding For Sensitive Teeth

Proper dental care for the vulnerable.

Our teeth ache when consuming food or drink that is too hot, cold, and sweet? If so, that’s the sign of sensitive teeth. Uncomfortable? Definitely. Sensitive teeth is a condition of opening of dentin (the layer below the email) email or decrease due to the depletion of the gums. This condition will make the stimulation of food and beverage on the dentine and forwarded directly to the nerve of the tooth. And finally become a short and sharp pain. Do not underestimate this situation; let’s resolve by doing the proper treatment of sensitive teeth, such as:

Regular maintenance.
Make it a habit to brush your teeth 20 minutes after eating, with a toothbrush with a soft bristled brush adjusted to the size of our mouths. Then, brush your teeth gently and thoroughly. Do not forget to keep your teeth gaps by flossing once a day. Meanwhile, to facilitate the circulation of blood to the gums, we can do the massage with the technique of “red-white”. Described as red gums and teeth as white. Then do the brushing from the gums to the teeth.
Avoid brushing the teeth and gums too rough. Because this habit will only cause problems in the long run. Improve our regular dental care by rinsing using mouthwash that contains fluoride. The goal is to reduce bacteria in the mouth which can aggravate the condition of sensitive teeth.

Replace toothpaste.
Choose toothpaste that had been intended specifically for sensitive teeth, one that contains Potassium Citrate, Zinc, and Triclosan. Where Potassium Citrate works to decrease sensitivity and feeling pain in the teeth. While zinc and Triclosan act as an agent disappears plaque and bacteria in the mouth.
Try using this product for at least 2 weeks. If we do not see any significant changes, consult your dentist to find a “cure” that can address the sensitive teeth issues.

Avoiding triggers.
Find the main factor that triggers our teeth to become sensitive. If we have a problem on the abdominal organs, such as GERD or bulimia, it is important for us to get the right treatment to reduce levels of stomach acid that enter into the mouth.
Avoid consuming foods or drinks that have extreme temperature differences at the same time. Food with high acid content too will damage the enamel and exacerbate our condition of sensitive teeth. Avoid foods which are hard to chew, hot and sweet.

Visiting the dentist.
Of the 65% of people with sensitive teeth examined, only 19% had the initiative to go to the doctor. Actually, we have to understand when it is appropriate for us to consult a dentist. Sometimes, sensitive teeth due to decay and are in need of immediate repair. Your dentist will find the main cause of sensitive teeth complaints and can immediately fix dental problems, such as repeated fillings.

Set a well-balanced diet.
Increase your intake of whole grains, calcium, fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. This step is taken to increase the production of saliva (saliva) as a dessert and tools neutralizing acidity that our teeth are protected. Then, apply the right combination of foods at meals, like adding fruits or vegetables, when we eat meat.
Do not let the pain of sensitive teeth interfere with our activities. Sensitive teeth can be overcome, if we know the proper way of handling. Let’s keep our oral health by providing the best care solution as early as possible.

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