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Benefits of Music To Physical & Mental Health

You must already know that listening to music can affect mood. But did you know that music also has a strong influence on the mind and body? Music can affect your mood, especially when you’re exercising, to it, choose a song with a rather fast tempo can help burn many calories because your body will […]

Prevent Repeated Stroke

According to neurologist repeated strokes attacks are more dangerous than the first attacks. Therefore, it is important to avoid stroke recurrence. Efforts to prevent repeat strokes can be done by controlling the risk factors of stroke. Risk factors that can be controlled such as controlling hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol levels. All three are disease that […]

Music Monday: Czech Symphony Orchestra – Pirates of the Caribbean

Hello and welcome to a MM (Music Monday). I’ve always enjoyed many kinds of music, from pop, disco too rock n roll. But for today’s MM edition, I would like to feature the Czech Symphony Orchestra. To me, a great symphony orchestra performance or concert deserves a thumb up as it is not an easy job to […]

Waste Food Increase Global Warming

The large amount of food that ended in the dump contributes significantly in the increase of global warming. Because, rotting food creates more methane gas. Methane is 23 times stronger than C02 to contribute to the formation of greenhouse gas emissions, that is why waste foods in the trash contribute to global warming. The world […]

Bleaching Causes Sensitive Teeth

Who says teeth bleaching do not have any side effects. In reality, it could cause sensitive teeth. Due to tooth whitening, that uses active substance, three enamel that protects the teeth disappear. Causing the nerve conduit pipe and gums to be too open. That’s why the sense of pain appears when eating or drinking too […]

Olive Oil Make Satiety

For those who want to reduce calorie intake for weight loss purposes or other reason, try olive oil. A tests results showed that the consumption of olive oil help to induce satiety. Researchers found the facts after the studied of two groups of participants who were asked to consume yogurt as a supplement. The first […]

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