Is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) Safe And When Is It Necessary?

Having a white tooth can make one looks attractive and can increase confidence. All methods are used to make the teeth white including doing (bleaching) tooth. But are teeth bleaching safe and if, when is it necessary?

Is Whitening (Bleaching) Safe?

Teeth whitening or bleaching process can be consider safe, it depends on the ingredient and the dose used. But if the material or ingredient use are peroxide then it can cause damaged to the teeth.

When Is It Necessary?

Bleaching of teeth is usually performed to remove the yellow color or dull teeth due to scraps such as coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, drugs and also a color change due to changes in the structure of the tooth, but according to dentists, teeth that’s ivory colored is better than the white teeth, because teeth that are white indicates a less robust structure.

If the color of the teeth changes due to food scraps then it can be removed with treatments from dentist and do not necessary in bleaching, but if the changes caused from intrinsic or factor in the structure of the tooth then this condition can only be removed by bleaching.

Dentist Explains

There are two ways in which teeth whitening are done. One is creating a thin layer on the teeth by using certain ingredient. But this usually only lasts a few months and the color of teeth will go back to normal and this makes the process must be repeat again. Bleaching technique using ingredient changes the color of the teeth from the inside or change the structure of the teeth, and this process can be dangerous if the ingredient use are peroxide because it can affect the overall tooth structure.

But according to dentists, teeth that’s clean and healthy is much better than white teeth, so you should take care of the teeth by brushing your teeth regularly and properly and use the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Also avoid brushing teeth immediately after eating, because the level of pH in the mouth changes and brushing can cause enamel thinning. Wait for 30 minutes after eating, to be healthier, use fluoride toothpaste because it strengthens the teeth and prevent cavities.

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