Race Against Time To Save The Heart Muscle

If in the business world there is a saying that ‘time is money’, in medicine there is a saying ‘time is muscle’.
This is related to the importance of a rapid and precise handling in cases of coronary heart disease.
A heart attack occurs when the blood vessels of the heart (coronary) had blockages. Blockage was preceded by the narrowing of the coronary arteries by plaque material that is composed of a number of substances, such as the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Blockage makes the blood supply to the heart stops. As a result, the heart muscle cannot get the oxygen and nutrients it needs to perform its tasks, pumping blood throughout the body.

Treatments of heart attacks are attempted to open a blockage in the coronary arteries. The longer the blockage is not handled, the more damaged are to the heart muscle and making lives at stake.

Best treatment for heart attack patients is less than three hours after the attack. In that time span, generally damage to the heart muscle can be overcome. But12 hours is the maximum time period where permanent damage to the heart will happen. If it can be saved, most patients will suffer from heart failure or a weak heart.

Therefore, it is important to recognize the signs of a heart attack. The goal is that when symptoms occur we can act quickly and appropriately to prevent fatalities.

If you have a heart attack, immediately stop activity and go to the nearest hospital. If you have had a previous heart treatment take the medication given like aspirin or isorbid.

At the hospital, the treatment of heart attack patients typically include the examination record of the heart (ECG), checking cardiac enzymes in the laboratory, x-rays, blood thinning medication, and therapy unclog.

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