The Right Color For Quality Sleep

Try painting your bedroom in blue. A study showed that sleeping in decorated blue rooms will make easier for people to sleep. On average, people sleeping in the blue room can get quality sleep up to 7 hours 52 minutes each night.

Color therapy to help sleep easier is not a new thing. However, recent research reveals that there are certain colors that are truly effective. The researchers also found the cause of why the colors had a considerable influence on the quality of one’s sleep.

It is because there are receptors called ganglion cells on the retina of the eye those most sensitive to blue. These receptors send information to the deepest part of the brain that controls the rhythm of the body for 24 hours, affecting mood, interaction between light, sleep and the body condition when awake.

Decorating the bedroom greatly affects the quality and quantity of sleeping every night. It is not surprising that the blue ranks first in the study that examines the best colors to sleeping more soundly. Because, the blue has a soothing effect and psychologically blue is often associated with calm waters and blue skies which are both very calming.

In addition to blue, other colors has almost the same effect is yellow, green, silver and orange. Although yellow is often regarded a color that evokes energy, according to research this color is ranks second to the blue. Yellow to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, and stimulates the nervous system that helps relaxation. People who sleep in a yellow room can sleep up to 7 hours 40 minutes. While the color green that has a fully calming effect can help people sleep for over 7 hours 36 minutes.

Meanwhile, the color purple turns out to be the worst. The color that symbolizes greatness and luxury can make bedtime a little less because it got quite a strong effect in stimulating creativity. Sleeping in the purple room tends to cause a very clear dream to even nightmares. As a result, only sleep of 5 hours 56 minutes and wake up with tired body in the morning.

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