4 Sleeping Disorders That Indicates Serious Health Issues

Sleep disturbance at night not only reduces the quality of sleep, so that you feel sluggish and lethargic so wake up the next morning. But it also could be a sign of a more serious health problem. Do you experience excessive sweating, leg cramps or grinding teeth while sleeping? The symptoms should begin to look out for. These are four sleep disorders that indicate a serious health problem.

1. Teeth Grinding
Rubbing the upper and lower teeth, and jaw stiffened when sleep is one of the sleep disturbance experienced by quite a lot of people, unfortunately, some people are aware of it.
Teeth grinding is the most common sleep disorder after insomnia and snoring. But it could also be a sign of being under stress, excessive anxiety or too much smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine consumption. Additionally teeth grinding is also often associated with symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition where a person stops breathing for a few moments while sleeping.

2. Excessive Sweating
Waking up with clothes wet with sweat? Beware of getting Tuberculosis (TB). When a person develops TB, the body temperature usually increases in the afternoon or evening. Body temperature also can reach 30 degrees Celsius and above. Therefore, you should immediately see a doctor if the condition lasts more than one week and you lose weight drastically.

3. Frequent Urination
Going to the toilet 5-7 times a night to urinate, could be a sign of diabetes. When having a high blood sugar levels, the body will try to remove it through the urine. Other symptoms of diabetes are frequent thirst so drinking more than usual and tired easily. Diabetes is common for adult ages 40 years and over. But it is possible that younger people, even children are also affected. If this happens to you, especially the risk of diabetes may be derived by parent; you should see a doctor immediately. The high frequency of urination at night can also be a signal there is a problem in the pelvic muscles in women, or an enlarged prostate in men.

4. Foot Cramps
Leg cramps while sleeping at night, it could be a sign of lack of nutrients such as electrolytes, minerals and vitamins. Electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium functions to control the fluid balance in the body. Electrolyte deficiency can reduce muscle performance. Calcium is also needed to help the contraction of muscle fibers in order to function effectively. While magnesium helps improve nerve impulse in the muscle tissue. Leg cramps can also be caused by certain medical treatment or there is a problem of the heart and blood vessels.

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