Eyes Too Can Get Burned From UV Rays. Recognize the Symptoms!

Bad effects of the sun can make the skin burn to even trigger skin cancer. Most people already know about it and by applying sunblock to your face and body became the most common way to protect the skin from ultraviolet exposure.

But probably not many know that the negative effects of the sun can also burn eyes. Survey conducted found that 35 percent of people are not aware of the risks of UV radiation on the eye. Both adults and children are actually at high risk of experiencing sunburn eye.

Exposure to sunlight for a long time or continuously can cause eye problems. What are the symptoms when the eyes have sunburn? Symptoms range from eye redness, irritation, watery, sore and itchy. Sunburn eyes are also usually marked by blurred eye sight and temporary vision loss. Many people mistake the symptoms caused by too much chlorine or sea water while swimming. But the symptoms are actually quite different. Sunburned eyes feel gritty, like there is dust in it and feel sore. Meanwhile, if the eyes exposed to a lot of chlorine or sea water, usually feel uncomfortable but painless.

Keep in mind, sun exposure may not cause immediate effect on the eyes. But the cumulative impact will only be felt after a long time exposed and if not prevented, the risk of eye irritation will be higher in the future. The long-term effects can include cataracts, tumors, skin cancer on the eyelids and surrounding skin tissue. What can be done to prevent sunburn eyes? It is recommended to always wear sunglasses that have UV coating or a wide hat. Choose sunglasses that have a layer of protection against the sun for 75 to 90 percent and able to block 95 percent of UV rays A and 99 percent of UV B. Sunglasses should be worn whenever outside the house, even during cloudy weather. Color contact lenses can also be the solution, although the effect is not as good as sunglasses.

So what can be done if already experiencing sunburn eyes? Avoid outdoor activities and use eye drops to coat the surface of the eye that serve to relieve irritation. If the effect is still mild, sunburn symptoms will usually disappear within a few days or weeks. But when it does not go away and the pain increased and the symptoms worsen, immediately see an eye specialist for further treatment.

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