Four Ways to Take Care of Granite Countertops

People love countertops made of granite in Idaho. When sealed properly, the granite shines beautifully, and it will do so for decades. Moreover, the granite is nearly indestructible. It won’t burn if a hot pan gets set on it, it is hard to scratch, and it won’t break. However, granite countertops are not maintenance-free. For example, one lady moved into a new home and a few days later noticed a square stain in her granite where a brick of cheese had been set for only a few minutes. To help keep your granite looking great, use the following four tips:

  • Apply a sealer regularly.
  • Use cutting boards, not the counter.
  • Avoid letting water sit on the surface.
  • Use soap and water when you clean it.

Apply a Sealer

A good sealer is the secret to great looking granite. If you have a good sealer, it will make up for some of the laxness if the other tips aren’t adhered to all the time. When applying the sealer, make sure your countertop is completely dry before you start. Basically, the process is fairly simple: apply the sealer, let it sit, and buff it to a shine; however, you should always read and follow the instructions on the label. Moreover, you will need to reapply the sealer regularly. Check the instructions on the label for information about how often you need to do it.

Use a Cutting Board

It is best to avoid having the knife come in contact with surface. Continue to use cutting boards for cheese, fruits, vegetables, etc. While sharp knives won’t necessarily harm the granite, they can scratch the seal. Once the seal is scratched, oils, water, and other things can seep into the granite and cause a stain.

Prevent Liquids from Standing on the Surface

Water, oil, juice, and other liquids should be wiped up as soon as possible. These liquids can seep into the granite and leave a stain.

Use Soap and Water Only

When cleaning the surface of your granite in Idaho, the best products to use are water and a mild detergent. Regular cleaning products contain chemicals that can strip the seal off of the surface. Once the seal is gone, the porous surface of the granite is exposed and can easily stain.

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