This Happens On The body When Broken Heart

A broken heart because of a breakup or love denied is not just a figure of speech. In fact, a person can feel physically sick because of love problems.
Breakup is tough to deal with, especially if you are the one being decided. Heartbroken generally feel as if there is a heavy load compressing the chest to the heart.

It turns out that the sensation caused by a broken heart feeling has a reason and is not necessarily related to mental condition, the brain have difficulty in processing the signal and as a result, the brain sends signals to the body to tell that there is pain.

The brain has lots of hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine, which is generating happiness. When a person feels sad or angry, the brain will be disturbed and the two hormones will leaves. Leaving the stress hormones in the brain. And when stressed, the brain sends kortisol and epinephrine, a hormone that raises resistance reactions. This reaction works best when in a threatening situation. Kortisol hormone will trigger muscles to move for the sake of avoiding it. But when feeling a broken heart, where to flee and from what as there is no form in reality.

Therefore, the cortisol hormone eventually ‘fled’ to the chest, make a pressing movement that can cause pain to the chest. This hormone also makes the blood flow slow and unstable. That is why people with a broken heart tend to have no appetite. Not only that, heartbreak also causes the body to be ‘fragile’ making it more susceptible to flu, colds or fever.

Effects of a broken heart for physical and mental health are very detrimental. But it can be overcome, or at least reduced in order not to degrade the quality of life. Some way is meditation, listens to upbeat music and hanging out with friends who like to joke and laughs. This can help the body to release endorphins, one of the happy hormones.

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