Enough Sleep, Healthy Body

Having enough sleep apparently provide health benefits for the body, more than we imagined. Actually, the benefits of sleep for health are as important as exercising and eating nutritious foods. Various studies have shown that too little sleep can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depress.

Not having enough sleep can disrupt the immune system, you are exercising and eating nutritious foods to keep your immune system up, but if you do not sleep, all the effort you’ve done becomes useless. When a person sleeps then that’s when the body produces natural germ killer cells.

Recent study found that after 24 hours of lost sleep time, percentage decrease in the germs killer cells in the blood is as much as 37 percent. Although the germs killer cell activity would return to normal when we start to get enough sleep, but real problem is the damage has occurred to make the body immune system unprotected and vulnerable to infection during that time.

Not only does the immune systems are compromised when not having enough sleep. Study also found that sleeping less than five hours will double a person’s risk of high blood pressure. People who lack sleep can also be associated with a pre-diabetic state.

Enough sleep can balance brain activity. During sleep, the brain’s neurotransmitters refilled. Various forms of stress, includes lack of sleep, resulting in exhaustion of brain chemicals cause the appearance of emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, anger or sadness.

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