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Orchestra (MM-Music Monday)

I’ve always loved the orchestra and am especially fascinated with their Woodwind and Brasswind sound. Don’t get me wrong, I do like other instrument as well but the Woodwind and Brasswind instrument can really make beautiful sounds. If you don’t believe me just take a minute or two and listen to them. Don’t you agree […]

Bad Breath Every Time You Wake Up? It Causes And How To Prevent It

Although already diligent in teeth brushing, but still with smelly breath when you wake up? Check the cause, could be you drink less or some oral part ‘escape’ when cleaned. Bad breath in the morning is largely due to the lack of saliva production. During the day, the mouth produces large amounts of saliva. But […]

Jimi Hendrix — Voodoo Child, Live (Slight Return) ’69

Hello again but I’ve never done this before “two MM” but why not right? So welcome again to MM (Music Monday). This second time around I would like share one of my favorite song from the 90s which is Jimi Hendrix — Voodoo Child, Live (Slight Return). I especially love to watch the way he […]

Eating Cooked Tomatoes Every Day Could Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

Cooked tomatoes or have undergone a process of heating proved to have better health benefits than fresh tomatoes. Recent research has shown, one or two tablespoons of fresh tomato sauce can lower the risk of heart disease. Research involves 20 men as participants. Half of them were given food that is accompanied with a tomato […]

The Monster-Eminem Featuring Rihanna

Hello and welcome to MM (Music Monday). In this edition of MM, I would like share one of my favorite song which is entitle “The Monster” by Eminem Featuring Rihanna. I love this song because I’ve always love Eminem and with him featuring Rihanna makes it even better. Listening to their great mixes and digital audio makes […]

Beware Of Factors That Trigger Stroke

Stroke is a deadly disease that is quite worrying after heart disease and cancer. Not only that, the disease is also the number one cause of disability worldwide. But until now the exact cause of stroke is yet to be found. Stroke appears after there is blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. […]

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