Rear Bone Marrow Cancer

Spinal cord cancer is one of the rarest diseases that have no cure. Typically, the main source comes from the other body parts that spread to the spine. Multiple myeloma is included and includes that is rarely found type of cancer and until now it is not known what causes it.

Multiple myeloma, a cancer that begins with the growth of abnormal plasma cells (one part white blood cells) in the bone marrow. This growth suppresses bone marrow function as a place of blood cells produced. As a result, the patients are susceptible to infections, anemia, and renal impairment. In addition, the cancer causes bone fragility.

History of the disease begins with the growth of plasma cells, which is one part of white blood cells in the bone marrow that is not normal. In normal conditions the plasma cells is necessary for producing proteins called antibodies, as part of the immune system.

Abnormal plasma cells in the marrow are not only, but also on other body parts such as the pelvis, ribs, and skull. Therefore it is called multiple myeloma. Antibodies produced also increased and accumulated in the blood or urine, damaging the kidney and lead to kidney failure.

The current treatment of multiple myeloma cancer does not guarantee the complete recovery of patients. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy kills myeloma cells rapidly, but the drug can also harm normal cells

Other therapies for patients with multiple myeloma are getting a stem cell transplant (stem cell). Stem cell transplants allow patients to be treated with a high dose drug, which can destroy myeloma cells and normal blood cells in the bone marrow. After receiving high-dose treatment, healthy stem cells are planted through blood vessels like blood transfusions. New blood cells emerge from the transplanted stem cells replacing damaged cells due to chemotherapy. The stem cells can be derived from the patient or from a donor.

Without treatment, patients with multiple myeloma cancer may only survive a year. With radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and stem cell therapy, survival is five to seven years.

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