What Exactly Is PRK Surgery?

PRK eye surgery has evolved immensely over the past few years and is becoming more accessible. This type of surgery can help individuals correct or improve their vision by simply reshaping the cornea. A lot of people lack this knowledge and find it terrifying to have such a surgery done. In reality, PRK surgery is much faster, and simpler than LASIK. If you have thin corneas, damaged corneas, or simply do not qualify for LASIK surgery, then finding an experienced eye surgeon who can perform this type of surgery for you is your best option. Learn more about what PRK really is and how it can better your future.

The Procedure
PRK surgery is an effective procedure that uses the latest technology is lasers. It can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and even astigmatism. It is similar to LASIK, but does not use a microkeratome blade to create a flap in the top layer of the cornea. Instead, a layer is removed completely to avoid any flap related issues. So those individuals who have thin or damaged corneas can still have the same results as LASIK, but with a longer healing time.

Who Qualifies for PRK?
Only specific people have the ability to proceed with this surgery. You must be a healthy individual who has been checked by a professional to see if the results will indeed make a difference to your vision. If you have any pre-existing problems such as diabetes, arthritis, or glaucoma, you often may not get sufficient results. A complete eye exam should be performed in order to determine any minor setbacks that can cause you from not qualifying for such a surgery. Once you are fully assessed and cleared, you are ready to have the operation performed.

Lastly, recovery for PRK surgery does take a little longer than the general LASIK. You will have to wear bandage contact lenses to protect your eyes from any light due to the sensitivity. You will also be prescribed antibiotics to help prevent an infection and pain. Even though the recovery is long, the PRK process provides an effective alternative option for those who do not qualify otherwise.

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