Swimming, Healthy Heart To Overcoming Stress

As we all know, heart disease occur most commonly in urban communities. Therefore, routine activities like swimming are very good because it can repair and maintain the durability of the cardiovascular system.

Swimming involves almost every muscle in the body and improves blood circulation. This movement is also very good in eroding layers of cholesterol or other toxins in the blood vessels. This activity can burn a lot of calories without giving too much pressure on the leg. In addition to maintaining a healthy heart, swimming can also help lower high blood pressure.

Other benefits that can be obtained from routine swimming is improved posture and flexibility. As you age, your flexibility will decrease. Swimming is an activity that is able to train the muscles and useful in stretching fibers muscles and ligaments.

Swimming is the only low-impact sport that moves the whole body in a coherent. Routinely done will help posture and get a better body balance.

To that often facing problems and are prone to stress, swimming can be used as a routine activity to overcome it. How not swimming are categorized as a sport that not only burns calories but also able to cope with stress.
Plunging into the swimming pool are able to induce the release of endorphins. This hormone is a hormone that serves to counteract feelings of depression. In addition, floating in the water will also give the same sensation as the effects of massage on the body that helps the body and you become relaxed.

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