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Check Blood Pressure For Early Detection Of Hypertension

Dizziness and feels heavy on the nape? Beware; dizziness can be a sign of hypertension which if not dealt could be a risk factor for kidney failure and stroke. Usually it will feel sore in the neck or dizziness. But generally hypertension, do not show any symptom the key is to regularly measure blood pressure. […]

What to Expect from Your Chiropractor

When most people imagine a chiropractor in Medford, Oregon, they assume that after quickly meeting the doctor, there will be a small spinal adjustment, some back cracking, and you go on your way. In reality, visiting a chiropractor involves a much more complex, customized process that is designed to target any particular areas of concern. […]

Drinking Water Before Meal Are Effective in Sliming Body

Ever heard of a diet method to always drink water before eating? Reality, it is true and considered an effective, easy way and medically safe. People will feel full when the stomach is stretched. By drinking, make water already in the stomach so when eating, we can better control appetite. For obese people, drink more […]

Someone Health Conditions Can Be Viewed Fom Feces

Feces or human feces may be repulsive to some people. But should the body of impurities removed through the ‘back road’ that should not be ignored. But the impurities that are removed through the ‘back road’ should not be ignored. Noting own impurities is good, because it can indicate the condition of their health. A […]

Choose to Overcome Your Stress

The first step to fixing a problem is realizing that a problem exists. Many people live out their entire adult lives in various states of emotional distress. These people have become so disconnected from their own feelings that they may not even realize they have a problem. Most people know that they suffer from high […]

Relieve Stress With Hugs

A hug is a language of love and is most powerful in flowing vibes. Not only that, a hugs to have a positive impact on health. According to psychologists, a hug can suppress the hormone cortisol that causes stress. At the same time, the hormone oxytocin that is released can lower blood pressure. That way, […]

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