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This Is The Advantage Of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Compared To Others Stem Cell

Many serious non-hereditary diseases can attack without any early signs. One way to overcome it is body parts such as umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, and peripheral blood. But cord blood stem cell is considered more superior. Why? With the ability to differentiate higher than bone marrow stem cells and peripheral blood backs. The cord […]

Brain Can Damage When Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep brings many negative impacts on health. Starting from weakness, to heart problems. In fact a recent study found that the brain can be damaged due to lack of sleep. The study found that lack of sleep one night alone can cause changes in the brain, where the body will increase the production […]

Exercise Prevent Dementia On Elderly

Aged or elderly people should keep exercising as physical activity can prevent people aged over 60 years from experiencing serious health problems like dementia or decreased ability of the brain. After experts study 3,500 respondents, they found people who exercise in their old age remained healthy to the next eight years. Keep exercising even though […]

Sleep Clean Toxins From The Brain

Did you know that sleep can cleanse toxins and diseases of the brain? Sleep helps to cleanup remnants of nerve activity that accumulated during wake. During sleep, the brain is doing more than just recharge for tomorrow. The brain also does cleaning during sleep. Researcher studies revealed that the brain is a able to performed […]

High Blood Sugar Trigger Dementia

High blood sugar levels, although not yet categorized into diabetes increases the risk of dementia. This was revealed in a new study that is used to help prevent Alzheimer’s that is with maintaining blood sugar levels within healthy levels. Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia and is known in diabetics and are more likely […]

Drinking Chocolate Every Day Make Healthier Brain

This is great news for you fans of cocoa or chocolate drinks. Drinking chocolate each day can help maintain brain health, especially for the elderly because it can increase blood flow to the brain. Study involved 60 people with an average age of 73 years. Researchers asked them to drink two cups of chocolate every […]

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