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Harmful Bacteria Could Lurk InThe Nose

Researchers say that a very dangerous Staphylococcus bacterium can live in the nose. The researchers tested 12 healthy people and found that there is a staphylococcus aureus bacterium in their nose, which is a major cause of disease and nearly half of the S. aureus strains are resistant to antibiotics. It is known that the […]

Bad Bacteria in Fresh Milk Can Cause Nerve Disorders Up To Vomiting

You prefer fresh milk rather than dairy? Maybe some people think fresh milk is more healthful because it is pure and not mixed with chemicals. The processing of milk change its values and the milk nutrients is reduced. But wait. Is it true that fresh milk is healthier than pasteurized milk? Fresh milk is milk […]

Often Forget Finishing Antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed to help fight infection germs in the body. But often after feeling better, the patient will be reluctant to finish the antibiotic. Are there consequences for health? When stopped drinking antibiotics before the specified time or finishing it, the bacteria have the potential to grow further with a more rapid pace. The […]

Seaweed, Fiber Rich Foods For Preventing Diabetes

Tired of eating green vegetables to get enough fiber each day? Seaweed fiber intake could be an alternative as a variety of everyday foods. Not only fiber, seaweed is also rich in many essential nutrients for the body. Such as minerals, vitamins and even a little protein. Because of the variety of nutrients, the benefits […]

Vitamin C A Hope For Tuberculosis Cure

Vitamin C can kill lab-grown tuberculosis bacteria of tuberculosis (TB). The scientists actually found this result by accident while testing. They say vitamin C is deadly to the disease. The surprising finding that may pave the way to handle immune bacteria. There are approximately 650,000 people in the world who have TB and can’t be […]

Shielding For Sensitive Teeth

Proper dental care for the vulnerable. Our teeth ache when consuming food or drink that is too hot, cold, and sweet? If so, that’s the sign of sensitive teeth. Uncomfortable? Definitely. Sensitive teeth is a condition of opening of dentin (the layer below the email) email or decrease due to the depletion of the gums. […]

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