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Banana Skin Contains Antioxidants That Expel Acne

Acne is a classic problem for some people. Not only at the age of puberty, but also acne often appears during stress. Then, is there any natural ways to get rid of acne? Many people chase away acne with drugs and medications that contain chemicals. But there also some that are looking for ways to […]

Confidence In Seconds

Many ways can be done to increase the confidence, but sometimes one also requires a quick step to improve confidence. According to experts in this field, smiling is a 1 second tips if you feel nervous and insecure. In addition to smiling, eye contact helps to eliminate the fear when you’re talking and can also […]

How Reconstructive Surgery Can Be More Than Skin Deep

When people hear of the term “plastic surgery,” they often think of the obvious, such as breast enhancement, Botox, nose job, or butt lift. However, there is far more to the industry of reconstructive surgery than simply these things. Much of the industry is working to reconstruct a natural look for someone after an injury […]

Bikini Waxing Can Trigger Herpes

Bikini waxing has become part of the lifestyle. Trend of shaving pubic hair in this area are increasingly in demand by women. Are you one of them? Remove hair in sensitive areas typically uses candles or wax. The process removes the unwanted hairs and the process does not take a long.But it turns out, along […]

Experimenting with the Best Shaving Products for You

For those that want to shave regularly, you know how important it is to find the best shaving products that are available. While on this quest, it is very easy to fall into the trap that many manufacturers want to sell to you; that is spending more money means you will get a better shave. […]

Beware Of Cancer When Shape Of Breast Changed

WHO predicts the number of breast cancer increased 7 times by 2030. Women can perform self breast examination. Beware if there is a lump under the left and right armpit, approaching the breast area. When found, consult your doctor about it. Also signs such as the shape and size of the breast; nipple sunken; breast […]

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