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Use Body Lotion Twice A Day

Skin is the outer part of the body. Therefore, the skin should get treatment in every part. Unfortunately, many women use body lotion wrongly as most use lotion only on the hands and feet. From the results of a survey, only 1 out of 8 women use lotion all over the body. There is another […]

Obesity Disturb The Protective Effects Of Estrogen

The hormone estrogen is known as a protective hormone for women, but will reduced once they enter menopause. Various studies have shown that this hormone protect women from dangerous diseases such as heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular). However, the protective effect may be lost even though women have not entered menopause, a time when […]

Choose The Right Makeup And Save Old Age

Choosing a cosmetic ingredient to protect and repair skin damage. Today, makeup or cosmetics are not only created as camouflage. Now, cosmetic play a role as a protector to the risks, protecting it from skin damage and aging. According to dermatology experts now many consumers use a product for a variety of reasons and benefits. […]

Healthy Sleeping Habits

To achieve a productive day, one must get enough sleep. Here are some healthy sleeping habits that you can try to get enough sleep and at the same time reduce the risk of harmful various chronic diseases Sleep and wake up at the same time every day including holidays. Create a calming bedtime routine and make […]

The Solution For Thin Hair

Smile because now thick and strong hair solution is in our hands. Without us knowing more and more hair fell from our heads. Loss for no apparent reason. As a result, we began to experience thinning hair. If so, it could not hurt to take a look at one or more of the solutions below. […]

Beautify and Protect The Eye


Usually, when we apply makeup, the eyes will get the most attention. Therefore, the eye is always referred to as a radiant soul. Also sparkling eyes display will always be the main attraction. That is why, we often spend more time to enhance our eyes. Actually, there is an easier way that we can choose, especially […]

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