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Lasik Help Fix Your Cornea Shape

State of the eye such as myopia (nearsightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (cylindrical eye) is not fatal to the health of the body. However, the problems can disrupt daily activities. However, with the advances in technology, eye disorders can be overcome with simple steps, one procedure that is now a choice is lasik surgery. Basically, […]

Benefits Of Children Playing With Animals

For parents, do not worry when toddlers play even contact with animals such as cats, rabbits, or dogs. Instead, it will provide many benefits for growth and development. According to the pediatrician, playing with animals is one form of stimulation to explore. Children will learn about animals through visual skills, auditory, cognitive, sensory, and emotion. […]

The Right Color For Quality Sleep

Try painting your bedroom in blue. A study showed that sleeping in decorated blue rooms will make easier for people to sleep. On average, people sleeping in the blue room can get quality sleep up to 7 hours 52 minutes each night. Color therapy to help sleep easier is not a new thing. However, recent […]

Almond Can Reduce Muscle Tension

Almonds are nut that is quite popular and also very easy to get. In addition to delicious, almonds also contain a number of health benefits. What is it? These are some of the benefits of almonds. Almonds can be useful to improve sexual desire and a sexual stimulant. This is because almonds contain iron, selenium […]

Glucose Can Detect Cancer

Chocolate, soft drinks, and sugar-laden foods could actually be used to detect cancer, according to research findings. Scientists have developed a technique that identifies diseases by tracking how sugar is absorbed by the body. Malignant tumors consume more glucose-a simple sugar-than healthy tissue in order to accelerate the growth of tumor. By using a magnetic […]

Waste Food Increase Global Warming

The large amount of food that ended in the dump contributes significantly in the increase of global warming. Because, rotting food creates more methane gas. Methane is 23 times stronger than C02 to contribute to the formation of greenhouse gas emissions, that is why waste foods in the trash contribute to global warming. The world […]

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