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Motivation Come From The Brain

A word of wisdom says that motivation is the key to success. However, now it seems there are many emerging motivators whose job is to motivate. But is there a relationship between motivation and the brain? Research found that there is a part of the brain that monitors performance while maintaining motivation while learning and […]

Bananas Lower Risk Of Stroke

Banana is a fruit that contains potassium which is a mineral that stabilize the heart beat, brain, and other important physiological processes. But recently researchers found eating bananas can lower the risk of stroke. Researchers found that people who consume less potassium can increase the risk of stroke by 28 percent compared with people who […]

Brain Can Damage When Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep brings many negative impacts on health. Starting from weakness, to heart problems. In fact a recent study found that the brain can be damaged due to lack of sleep. The study found that lack of sleep one night alone can cause changes in the brain, where the body will increase the production […]

Brain Only Takes 13 Milliseconds To View And Recognize Objects

As one of the organs that have a complex function, the brain has an amazing ability. One of them was revealed by a recent study that says that the brain is able to identify objects that is seen by the eye in just 13 milliseconds. To prove this theory, the researchers asked respondents to observe […]

This Part Of Brain Influence Human When Making Difficult Decisions

When required to make a difficult decision, a one that may affect the future or something else, one would certainly think and take quite a long time. But do you know which part of the brain is working hard for this? Latest study found that the majority of human decision-making occurs in one of the […]

Sleep Benefits For The Brain

Do not underestimate the benefits of sleep. Scientists believe they have found a new reason, because it helps replace the activity of brain cells. Sleep increases the production of coating cells material called the myelin that protects the brain circuitry. Although the discovery has been only demonstrated in mice, but can reveal the role of […]

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