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Grape Seed Extract Can Cure Prostate Cancer

Cancer so far is still a frightening disease. Because, once attacked, the cancer cells will attack with such ferocity that the other cells are also infected. Several studies have been conducted to find a cure for cancer survivors, one of them find grape seed can kill cancer cells. The most active component of grape seed […]

Night Shift Work Risk Genes Reduction

Basically shift work system was made for the safety or welfare of employees. But on the other hand, a system that adversely affects or harm to the health of workers. As research reveals, night shift work can cause damage to 1,500 genes and trigger a variety of health problems. Why is that? Because shift work […]

Too Much Alcohol Consumption Can Result To Skin Cancer

Scientists believe too much of the consumption of alcohol can result in the emergence of a series of reactions in the body that makes the skin susceptible to cancer. According to the researchers, shortly after entry into the body, ethanol in alcohol will soon be converted into acetaldehyde and this compound makes the skin more […]

Rear Bone Marrow Cancer

Spinal cord cancer is one of the rarest diseases that have no cure. Typically, the main source comes from the other body parts that spread to the spine. Multiple myeloma is included and includes that is rarely found type of cancer and until now it is not known what causes it. Multiple myeloma, a cancer […]

Usefulness Of Tomatoes For Health: Healthy Heart Until Bones Strong

So far, many people only know the tomato is good for eye health. It turns out that there are many health benefits to be gained from eating tomatoes. This is benefits of this reddish-orange fruit. Antioxidants Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as the beta carotene and lycopene content is high. […]

Fruits And Vegetables Reduce Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Eating more fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of malignant progression of bladder cancer in women. Researchers analyzed data collected from 185 885 adults for 12.5 years. Overall, 152 women and 429 men are diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the bladder. After customizing the variables associated with cancer risk, such as age, researchers […]

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