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Bleaching Causes Sensitive Teeth

Who says teeth bleaching do not have any side effects. In reality, it could cause sensitive teeth. Due to tooth whitening, that uses active substance, three enamel that protects the teeth disappear. Causing the nerve conduit pipe and gums to be too open. That’s why the sense of pain appears when eating or drinking too […]

Gingivitis Can Trigger Heart Infection

Inflammation of the gums or gingivitis mouth disease is one that is often experienced by many people but too often overlooked because many do not realize the danger of this gingivitis disease. Gingivitis can be a source of infection of a number of important organs in the human body such as the heart, lungs, brain, […]

The Correct Way To Care For Denture

Brushing dentures with a toothbrush complete with toothpaste, is a wrong step. Brush your denture just using a toothbrush with soft fur without toothpaste. Toothpaste contains substances that can scrape denture tooth. As it’s different from natural teeth, so it requires a different ways in keeping it clean. Substances in the toothpaste will make pores […]

Shielding For Sensitive Teeth

Proper dental care for the vulnerable. Our teeth ache when consuming food or drink that is too hot, cold, and sweet? If so, that’s the sign of sensitive teeth. Uncomfortable? Definitely. Sensitive teeth is a condition of opening of dentin (the layer below the email) email or decrease due to the depletion of the gums. […]

Yogurt For Beautiful Smiles

To get a healthy tooth, you’ve brushed your teeth regularly, flossing, even using mouthwash. However, did you eat yogurt? Maybe you will think twice to make a new habit of drinking yogurt after reading this article. A study has shown that those who like to eat yogurt are less likely to suffer from gum disease […]

Damage Tooth Can Spread Infection To The Whole Body

Lazy to brush teeth will not only affect on oral health alone. If allowed to continue, the damage to the teeth can spread infection to other parts of the body and can lead to many chronic diseases. Teeth consist of several layers and the outer portion of the email is the hardest part of the […]

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