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Unhealthy Diet Can Make Bones Osteoporosis

Not only is the mass muscle are reduced while running an unhealthy diet. According to nutritionists, a diet which does not pay attention to nutritional balance also causes brittle bones. Nutritionist explained that the loss of muscle mass causes the body to lose fluid more easily. In it also lost essential minerals including calcium needed […]

Enough Sleep, Healthy Body

Having enough sleep apparently provide health benefits for the body, more than we imagined. Actually, the benefits of sleep for health are as important as exercising and eating nutritious foods. Various studies have shown that too little sleep can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depress. Not having enough sleep can […]

Low Fat Product Are Not Always Helpful

Controversy about low-fat food is often a debate in Low Fat Product seminars. Low-fat products can be effectively used if accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Most people today rely on low-fat products without weight control. Instead it could be bad for health, let alone eating low fat products is very risky for people with diabetes […]

A Healthy Diet Is With Enough Nutrition

Besides ruin appearance, obesity is also detrimental to health. Therefore, an obese person needs to lose weight. Though aiming to lose weight, does not mean someone who is obese should famish. According to health experts, losing weight should be done safely. When diet, adequate nutrition should still be noted. Because, if nutritional deficiencies due to […]

Extend Age Limit Calorie Intake

Restricting calorie intake proved to increase life span longer. Such are the latest findings of researchers experiments conducted on mice. The research reveals calorie restriction is able to make a healthy intestinal microbiota in mice’s that can make life span become longer. The researchers found that mice with a calorie diet intake live longer to […]

Olive Oil Make Satiety

For those who want to reduce calorie intake for weight loss purposes or other reason, try olive oil. A tests results showed that the consumption of olive oil help to induce satiety. Researchers found the facts after the studied of two groups of participants who were asked to consume yogurt as a supplement. The first […]

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