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Obesity May Trigger Osteoporosis

Obesity may be a risk factor in triggering the disease osteoporosis. Thus the findings of the research team after a body scan on 106 men and women obese but healthy. Researchers found people who are overweight have a hidden fat in their bones making them weak and prone to fractures. Researchers revealed that bone marrow […]

Almond Can Reduce Muscle Tension

Almonds are nut that is quite popular and also very easy to get. In addition to delicious, almonds also contain a number of health benefits. What is it? These are some of the benefits of almonds. Almonds can be useful to improve sexual desire and a sexual stimulant. This is because almonds contain iron, selenium […]

Chili Can Help Treat Influenza

Many people love to eat it because of its hot sensation. They feel without chili the food becomes tasteless. But you know, chili has many benefits for health? There are many types of chili but most have similar benefits. Herbal experts say chili contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B10, calcium, phosphorus, beta-carotene, iron, protein, […]

Avoid Skinny Friends That Eat Much If You’re On A Diet

Hello all. I’m back after about a month absence. So bring out the discount black and mild cigars as I’m back to stay. In this post I like to write about the eating portions of other people around us and how it affect the success or failure of a diet programs.  Having a diet without the need to […]

Yoga: Save The Body From Fat Entrapment


In addition to a healthy eating program, the intention to lose weight should also be accompany with routine exercise as studies have  found there are some exercise and sports that makes us eat even more after. Unmitigated, the number could reach to up to 270 more calories. This amount could be more than half the […]

Worldwide Diet Tips

Happy New Year to all CCT (Cyber Corner Talk) readers. And what comes with a new year are new resolutions. So here are diet tips from worldwide that might help with diet resolution as diet are also influenced by culture and geography of where we live. That’s why we are very close to the habits […]

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