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Various Benefits Of Papaya Seeds

Papaya is a fruit that has a myriad of benefits. One of its functions is known to aid digestion and overcome constipation. Not only is the fruit, papaya seed a part that should not be trivialized by its benefits. In addition to be used as seeds to replant, papaya seeds also have a variety of […]

Spicy Chili Increase Body Health

For those who like spicy chili continue with the healthy habits as chili merit in maintaining health. First of all, please note that there are various kinds and types of chili. And the smaller ones are usually more spicy taste. While large-sized chilis – including peppers – have a sense of a more ‘smooth’ and […]

Bad Bacteria in Fresh Milk Can Cause Nerve Disorders Up To Vomiting

You prefer fresh milk rather than dairy? Maybe some people think fresh milk is more healthful because it is pure and not mixed with chemicals. The processing of milk change its values and the milk nutrients is reduced. But wait. Is it true that fresh milk is healthier than pasteurized milk? Fresh milk is milk […]

Seaweed, Fiber Rich Foods For Preventing Diabetes

Tired of eating green vegetables to get enough fiber each day? Seaweed fiber intake could be an alternative as a variety of everyday foods. Not only fiber, seaweed is also rich in many essential nutrients for the body. Such as minerals, vitamins and even a little protein. Because of the variety of nutrients, the benefits […]

Mangosteen Skin Rich In Antioxidant

A study conducted shows that mangosteen peel extract has potent effects to prevent the spread of cancer cells, antioxidant potential, and induction of apoptosis. In their study found xanthones, antioxidant compounds contained in mangosteen, is believed to have benefits such as overcoming heart disease, hypertension, and thrombosis. Xanthones activity also affects the dilation of blood […]

Drinking Lots of Water Cure Constipation?

Fiber is the most effective in freeing us from constipation. What springs to mind when you are constipated? We will definitely remember the advice to drink water as much as possible. Is this advice effective? Apparently not, because instead of expedite disposal, we just urinate more. The process of converting food into waste occurs in […]

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