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Yoga: Save The Body From Fat Entrapment


In addition to a healthy eating program, the intention to lose weight should also be accompany with routine exercise as studies have  found there are some exercise and sports that makes us eat even more after. Unmitigated, the number could reach to up to 270 more calories. This amount could be more than half the […]

Worldwide Diet Tips

Happy New Year to all CCT (Cyber Corner Talk) readers. And what comes with a new year are new resolutions. So here are diet tips from worldwide that might help with diet resolution as diet are also influenced by culture and geography of where we live. That’s why we are very close to the habits […]

Yogurt For Beautiful Smiles

To get a healthy tooth, you’ve brushed your teeth regularly, flossing, even using mouthwash. However, did you eat yogurt? Maybe you will think twice to make a new habit of drinking yogurt after reading this article. A study has shown that those who like to eat yogurt are less likely to suffer from gum disease […]

Silken Tofu Helps Prevent Anemia

Improve the family’s health status by adding silken tofu on the menu. Looking for variations for cooking healthy dishes for the family today? Nothing wrong if you try silken tofu. The texture and taste of this food is soft making it a healthy food that can be easily processed by the digestive system and into […]

Disease Facts Behind Sugar

When the excess sugars accumulate in the body. Believe it or not, sugar can be addicting. Sugar increases the dopamine hormone which gives the sensation of unusually happy. The same as when a child is given a candy, the brain became addicted and when we got addicted to a certain level diseases also developed. There […]

Protein ‘Disable’ Appetite

The way proteins work to make a program successful diet. Every time talking about a weight loss program or diet, proteins are always bound touted as ‘campaign team’. Actually how does this substance work in the body until we can suppress hunger longer? Appetite is controlled by the hormone ghrelin. Researchers conducted a study of […]

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