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Breakfast For A Healthy Heart Condition

Eating a full breakfast regularly helps keep the heart in good condition. Thus are the advice and the latest findings from a recent research team. The researchers, conducting research on 27 thousand men and found they often skip breakfast so as to make them face the greater risk of heart problems because skipping of food […]

Sleep Disorders May Lead To Stroke

Sleep disturbance is one of the most common complaints in patients who visit the doctor. Each year 20% -40% of adults has trouble sleeping and 17% had serious problems. The prevalence of sleep disorders tends to increase every year, it is also in accordance with the increase in age and a variety of causes. Research […]

Early Retirement Enhanced Risk Of Dementia And Alzheimer

Approximately 35 million people worldwide suffer from dementia and Alzheimer. One cause that contributes to these figures is early pension. Researchers concluded that after observations on 429 thousand elderly aged 74 years who have pension. Nearly 3% of the participants began to experience dementia. However, those who retired early had higher dementia. Those who retire […]

Delay Brain Damage Due To Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease lowers the quality of life of sufferers. However, the risk of suffering from Alzheimer detected should not be resigned to fate as there are several actions that can be done to slow the rate of brain damage caused by Alzheimer. The first step is to stimulate the brain at all times. The trick […]

Seaweed, Fiber Rich Foods For Preventing Diabetes

Tired of eating green vegetables to get enough fiber each day? Seaweed fiber intake could be an alternative as a variety of everyday foods. Not only fiber, seaweed is also rich in many essential nutrients for the body. Such as minerals, vitamins and even a little protein. Because of the variety of nutrients, the benefits […]

Race Against Time To Save The Heart Muscle

If in the business world there is a saying that ‘time is money’, in medicine there is a saying ‘time is muscle’. This is related to the importance of a rapid and precise handling in cases of coronary heart disease. A heart attack occurs when the blood vessels of the heart (coronary) had blockages. Blockage […]

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