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Swimming, Healthy Heart To Overcoming Stress

As we all know, heart disease occur most commonly in urban communities. Therefore, routine activities like swimming are very good because it can repair and maintain the durability of the cardiovascular system. Swimming involves almost every muscle in the body and improves blood circulation. This movement is also very good in eroding layers of cholesterol […]

Amniotic Embolism During Childbirth

Amniotic fluid embolism is one of the risks that occur during birth process, particularly giving birth with instruments instead of normal delivery. Symptoms can be in mother’s seizures, bleeding, and sudden cardiac arrest in infants. There are factors that cause the occurrence of amniotic fluid embolism such as woman age, caesarean section, childbirth with instruments, […]

Increase In Body’s Fat, Risk Of Hearing Loss Also Increases

Overweight is not only associated with metabolic disorders and chronic diseases such as diabetes. Consequently the risk of hearing loss can also increase. Research for 20 years on 70 thousand women showed an increase in hearing loss in participants who have excess weight. Although all the participants were women it’s believed that the result will […]

Exercise Prevent Dementia On Elderly

Aged or elderly people should keep exercising as physical activity can prevent people aged over 60 years from experiencing serious health problems like dementia or decreased ability of the brain. After experts study 3,500 respondents, they found people who exercise in their old age remained healthy to the next eight years. Keep exercising even though […]

The Risk Of Stroke Lower If You Walk Longer, Not Faster

Benefits of light exercise such as walking have long recognized, one of which lower the risk of stroke. But a new study finds that the benefits will only be felt if someone spends more time walking, not walking fast. According to researchers only by walking at least one to two hours a day, the risk […]

Osteoporosis Is Like A Cold Blooded Killer

Every two minutes, a woman aged over 50 years, fractured or broken her bones. Even worse, one of five women only realized that after three brittle bones crack. That’s because many are not aware of the fragility of bones, and not surprising if a menopause woman will ‘lost’ in the battle to maintain bone health. […]

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