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Early Retirement Enhanced Risk Of Dementia And Alzheimer

Approximately 35 million people worldwide suffer from dementia and Alzheimer. One cause that contributes to these figures is early pension. Researchers concluded that after observations on 429 thousand elderly aged 74 years who have pension. Nearly 3% of the participants began to experience dementia. However, those who retired early had higher dementia. Those who retire […]

Delay Brain Damage Due To Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease lowers the quality of life of sufferers. However, the risk of suffering from Alzheimer detected should not be resigned to fate as there are several actions that can be done to slow the rate of brain damage caused by Alzheimer. The first step is to stimulate the brain at all times. The trick […]

Comfort That May Lead To Death

Sitting for too long might increases the risk of immediate death. Active and happy moving. That’s a word that can describe us. And so we’re feeling pretty healthy. So is not it? Oop, not necessarily. If we also have a habit to sit back and relax in a long period of time, we still have […]

Train The Oblique Muscles – Do While Watching TV

The muscles that are oblique or on both sides of the abdominal muscles is an area that can be trained to streamline the waist. By lying on one side of the body and moving up and down on top of the foot over and over again, the problem of belly fat can be resolved soon. For starters, […]

Relax Those Tired Eyes

Not Just Body Muscles that need it. Not just the head, feet, hands or backs that need relaxation, but the eye muscles can also be tense and tired. Conditions of the eye muscles also can also be aggravated if a person wears contact lenses most of the time. No need for expensive ways and method […]

Want To Be Fresh All Day? Wake Up More Morning

Most of us would know, wake up in the morning is good for health. But most of us are still struggling to get out of bed to welcome to morning sun. It is a classic story. And for this classic story, experts have prepared some simple step that can help. Do it slowly. Tomorrow morning, […]

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