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Various Benefits Of Papaya Seeds

Papaya is a fruit that has a myriad of benefits. One of its functions is known to aid digestion and overcome constipation. Not only is the fruit, papaya seed a part that should not be trivialized by its benefits. In addition to be used as seeds to replant, papaya seeds also have a variety of […]

Spicy Chili Increase Body Health

For those who like spicy chili continue with the healthy habits as chili merit in maintaining health. First of all, please note that there are various kinds and types of chili. And the smaller ones are usually more spicy taste. While large-sized chilis – including peppers – have a sense of a more ‘smooth’ and […]

A Healthy Diet Is With Enough Nutrition

Besides ruin appearance, obesity is also detrimental to health. Therefore, an obese person needs to lose weight. Though aiming to lose weight, does not mean someone who is obese should famish. According to health experts, losing weight should be done safely. When diet, adequate nutrition should still be noted. Because, if nutritional deficiencies due to […]

Malnourished Pregnant Women Endanger Infants

Pregnant women who are malnourished can have a negative impact on the baby to be born. Many women are not aware about nutrient. Though, this is very important because it will affect the baby. Period of growth and development of a child’s brain began during pregnancy. Malnutrition during pregnancy will affect the level of intelligence […]

Delay Brain Damage Due To Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease lowers the quality of life of sufferers. However, the risk of suffering from Alzheimer detected should not be resigned to fate as there are several actions that can be done to slow the rate of brain damage caused by Alzheimer. The first step is to stimulate the brain at all times. The trick […]

Seaweed, Fiber Rich Foods For Preventing Diabetes

Tired of eating green vegetables to get enough fiber each day? Seaweed fiber intake could be an alternative as a variety of everyday foods. Not only fiber, seaweed is also rich in many essential nutrients for the body. Such as minerals, vitamins and even a little protein. Because of the variety of nutrients, the benefits […]

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