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Usefulness Of Tomatoes For Health: Healthy Heart Until Bones Strong

So far, many people only know the tomato is good for eye health. It turns out that there are many health benefits to be gained from eating tomatoes. This is benefits of this reddish-orange fruit. Antioxidants Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as the beta carotene and lycopene content is high. […]

Blueberries Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes


Study found eating more fruits, especially blueberries, apples and grapes, may help decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. A research looked at the diet of more than 187,000 people. Research question on food frequency continues that follows every four years, how often, on average and consumers in consuming standard servings of fruit. Fruit used […]

Eating More Vegetables And Fruits Can Reduce Stroke Risk

Vegetables and fruits have a reputation as health-enhancing foods. But there is more than that, vegetables and fruits are rich in anti-oxidants and it can help reduce the risk of stroke. Stroke, are usually caused by an imbalance between the attacking free radicals that is damaging the body and the body ability to neutralize them. […]

Fruits And Vegetables Reduce Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Eating more fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of malignant progression of bladder cancer in women. Researchers analyzed data collected from 185 885 adults for 12.5 years. Overall, 152 women and 429 men are diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the bladder. After customizing the variables associated with cancer risk, such as age, researchers […]

Some Juice Are Not To Be Used To Take Medicines

At present to save time most people prefer consuming fruit juice instead of whole fruit. In addition to be simpler, by drinking juice nutrients the body for fruits remain fulfilled. However, for some fruit juice should not be carelessly taken with drugs or medications. An example is the star fruit juice, apples, oranges, and grapes. […]

Mangosteen Skin Rich In Antioxidant

A study conducted shows that mangosteen peel extract has potent effects to prevent the spread of cancer cells, antioxidant potential, and induction of apoptosis. In their study found xanthones, antioxidant compounds contained in mangosteen, is believed to have benefits such as overcoming heart disease, hypertension, and thrombosis. Xanthones activity also affects the dilation of blood […]

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