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Often Forget Finishing Antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed to help fight infection germs in the body. But often after feeling better, the patient will be reluctant to finish the antibiotic. Are there consequences for health? When stopped drinking antibiotics before the specified time or finishing it, the bacteria have the potential to grow further with a more rapid pace. The […]

Caffeine Beneficial For Heart Health

Exciting news for those who are accustomed to drinking coffee or tea every day. It turned out that the positive habits contribute to health heart, according to the findings of recent studies that increased intake of caffeine can reduce fatty liver disease in people who suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), or a disease […]

People Who Lack Sleep Are More Likely Hooked On Pizza And Donut

People who lack sleep are usually fonder of eating calorie-rich foods like pizza and donuts. Habits that impact on weight gain and potentially trigger a number of health problems such as high cholesterol levels. Results of a recent study show that poor sleep habits make a blunt brain. While at the base of the brain […]

Some Juice Are Not To Be Used To Take Medicines

At present to save time most people prefer consuming fruit juice instead of whole fruit. In addition to be simpler, by drinking juice nutrients the body for fruits remain fulfilled. However, for some fruit juice should not be carelessly taken with drugs or medications. An example is the star fruit juice, apples, oranges, and grapes. […]

Eyes Too Can Get Burned From UV Rays. Recognize the Symptoms!

Bad effects of the sun can make the skin burn to even trigger skin cancer. Most people already know about it and by applying sunblock to your face and body became the most common way to protect the skin from ultraviolet exposure. But probably not many know that the negative effects of the sun can […]

Forgive More For A Better Mental Health

Mutual apologies if done with care and without burden is very good for mental health. Forgiveness is actually a form of healthy life skill, where someone is willing to let go of their anger. Manipulating and negative emotions can cause bad effects on a person’s soul and can cause mental illness such as depression, anxiety […]

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