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A Healthy Bedroom

A healthy bedroom should not be filled by electronic items such as TV, radio, wireless phones, laptops and electric alarm clock because it can emit electromagnetic frequency fields. Ensure that the bedroom roofs are not leaking as a leaking roof that is not immediately repaired will make rain water trap in a bedroom ceiling. As […]

Knowing When to Call Pest Control

Household pests can be more than just a mere annoyance. Some household pests can do serious damage to your home and even put your family in danger. Many household pests can also simply be unpleasant to live with. Be sure to know the signs of a pest problem. Insects like termites and ants can be […]

The Amazing World of Interior Design

The world of interior design is so broad and large that anyone can be a part of it if they are really passionate and try their hardest. If you have decorating ideas and skills running in your blood, try designing for a fulfilling and fun career. Fluff a Pillow Designing can be a serious career […]

Don’t Forget Pets Vaccinations!

Baby Cat

Cats and dogs perfect health protection. When we’ve decided to add a new “member” into the house that means we also have to be ready to be responsible for their health and safety. Showing love to our pets are just not enough by providing food and home. Show our affection by giving vaccination to maintain […]

The Right Weapon For House Cleaning

Swift house cleaning but still healthy! Toilet and floor cleaning are a routine activity that we have to done. However, to have clean and healthy home we first must understand the functions of “weapons” that will be used. As using the right tool can save time and energy. Mopping the floor – Use a sponge […]

Right Color Will Create Healthy Homes

Each color has its own meaning and function of the influence of warmth and harmony to family members. Choosing the right paint color for the walls and the ceiling should be done with caution. Because instead of reassuring, the color of the wrong paint can actually worsen the mood of its inhabitants. Therefore, before choosing […]

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