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Forgive More For A Better Mental Health

Mutual apologies if done with care and without burden is very good for mental health. Forgiveness is actually a form of healthy life skill, where someone is willing to let go of their anger. Manipulating and negative emotions can cause bad effects on a person’s soul and can cause mental illness such as depression, anxiety […]

Self Control = Happier

Who are the happiest people? Based on research, the answer is the people who are able to control themselves. It was concluded after surveying 414 adults and 205 observations of other people. In the survey, participants were given 14 question or statements to answers.In advance researchers make observations of the situation and condition of the […]

The Right Color For Quality Sleep

Try painting your bedroom in blue. A study showed that sleeping in decorated blue rooms will make easier for people to sleep. On average, people sleeping in the blue room can get quality sleep up to 7 hours 52 minutes each night. Color therapy to help sleep easier is not a new thing. However, recent […]

Early Retirement Enhanced Risk Of Dementia And Alzheimer

Approximately 35 million people worldwide suffer from dementia and Alzheimer. One cause that contributes to these figures is early pension. Researchers concluded that after observations on 429 thousand elderly aged 74 years who have pension. Nearly 3% of the participants began to experience dementia. However, those who retired early had higher dementia. Those who retire […]

Delay Brain Damage Due To Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease lowers the quality of life of sufferers. However, the risk of suffering from Alzheimer detected should not be resigned to fate as there are several actions that can be done to slow the rate of brain damage caused by Alzheimer. The first step is to stimulate the brain at all times. The trick […]

Waste Food Increase Global Warming

The large amount of food that ended in the dump contributes significantly in the increase of global warming. Because, rotting food creates more methane gas. Methane is 23 times stronger than C02 to contribute to the formation of greenhouse gas emissions, that is why waste foods in the trash contribute to global warming. The world […]

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